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Dead Wood - forrest art zine - Pam Wishbow

Dead Wood is a 16 (32 if counting front and back) page art zine with 25 new illustrations about a character’s adventure in the woods. 

This new zine is a full color, 5x6 booklet has a sewn binding and filled with love and a handful of cat naps. Based on my experiences as a kid visiting family who had much more rural homes than I was used to.

Available in my shop along with other prints and zines. 


Breadfruit. Zippel, botanist, and Bollman, artist. 1895.

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Albrecht Dürer 

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The Arrival of the Procession of St. Anne from Fouesnant to Concarneau, Alfred Guillou



A short-tailed form of the popular sail-backed repto-mammal Dimetrodon.

The soft tissue and integument on this depiction are divine. It really sells this strange creature as a far-flung relative of mammals rather than some big lizard with a sail.

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"Old Friends," an early Little Garden zine. I made this in 2005 and I used some photos of friends who I could already feel fading into memory.

Little Garden was amazing back then. I had less of an idea of what I was doing but more of a mind for doing the unknowable.

I knew that one day, this would be old and then the title and contents would resonate even stronger.



pet me softly. from the correct angle


The House of Gardaboschi, Gustav Klimt

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Conceptual art duo Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler currently at Galerie Perrotin in New York through August 22nd 



Phases of Saturn. 1850.

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Andy Warhol, Botticelli, 1984

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